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Our primary function is to be of service in the community at large, sharing tools that support awareness, healing and transformation, on the yoga mat and in the world. We offer daily classes, international teacher training programs, workshops and life coaching.

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“What is The Rocket®?…. It’s Yoga®!”

Created by Larry Schultz (1950-2011) in the early 90’s while he was on tour with The Grateful Dead as their yoga instructor, The Rocket® Routines are variations of Classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic and aerobic practice that links breath and movement to support overall well being, optimal health; and a strong and flexible body and mind.  The Rocket® – gets you there faster – by offering options for all poses, for all levels.

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Center of Excellence – Yoga off the Mat

Founded by Dorothy Divack, CENTER OF EXCELLENCE is an International Coaching, Training and Leadership Company. Dorothy supported the vision of It’s Yoga® in 1989 and has since, been affectionately dubbed as the Godmother of It’s Yoga®. In 2011, Marie participated in the EXCEL Training and is currently in the Coaches/Consultants Training. Dorothy serves on the IYI Board of Advisors and is a true Master, sharing her expertise, wisdom and Love through her devotion to Authenticity.

It’s Yoga®

One of the first Ashtanga schools in the West, born in San Francisco. Since 1989, the brand opened numerous locations worldwide, and continues to be a leader in training instructors to practice, teach and excel on and off the mat.

We Are Here to Serve

Our vision is that all beings everywhere are happy and free; and we are committed to excellence, Self-awareness and personal responsibility, as we share these gifts in the community. We invite you to join us and uncover your true Self.

Marie Russel

In 2000, Marie started practicing at It’s Yoga® in Columbus, Ohio and was immediately drawn to its healing benefits. Soon she realized that she was happier and healthier when she was practicing yoga, and in 2004 she went to San Francisco to participate in the It’s Yoga® Teacher Training Program with founder, Larry Schultz.  Following the training, Marie had the unique opportunity to study, practice, live and teach with Master Yogi Larry Schultz for 7 years before he passed in 2011, entrusting Marie with the It’s Yoga® legacy/Rocket Routines to carry forth and grow globally. Thus, she founded It’s Yoga® International (IYI) where she serves as Director and intimately collaborates with the IYI Affiliate Studios, Trainers and Graduates on daily basis. Marie is fully committed to serve the world at a high level, here from Toledo and abroad, by Sharing the Love of the Practice.  Her style is authentic, true and empowering – she is known for her laser focus and ability to support students in excelling on and off the mat – faster!

Dani Russel

Dani dropped into the lap of classical Mysore style Ashtanga in 2000 when living in London and found a practice for his personal well-being. Whilst visiting family in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011, Dani met Marie; tuned into a Rocket® 3 Happy Hour in his jeans, moved to the US 4 weeks later and has been flying high ever since. Six years and children later, he is honored to be of service to a truly diverse Toledo community and our international following from Mexico, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Scandinavia, UK and beyond.


Please call us to book any of the following classes at: (419) 377-2841

Class Descriptions

– Primary Series : The foundational routine of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is a fluid and moving style of physical postures and breath linked together (75 to 85 minutes)

– MPS : Modified Primary Series, based on the Primary Series, with a focus on warm up, standing and seated postures, including final relaxation (45 minutes)

– Midweek Meditation : A seated meditation practice will guide you through mindful awareness followed by a short group conversation (45 minutes)

– Intro to Rocket® : All levels are welcome. A dynamic class with a slower rhythm that will keep you focused on the alignment and your breath. (60 minutes)

– Rocket®1 : A dynamic sequence with emphasis on legs, shoulders and abs, using postures from First and Second series (60 to 75 minutes)

– Rocket®2 : Focuses on strength poses, backbends and hip openers, with postures from Second and Third series (60 to 75 minutes)

– Rocket®3 : The Fusion of Rocket® 1 and 2 creating a complete interpretation of the It’s Yoga® System. A great way to kick off the Weekend! (75 to 90 minutes)

– Prenatal Yoga : For future mothers to take care of their body and mind. Adapting the postures to allow the body it to retain its elasticity. (60 minutes)


Weekly Schedule

We offer a variety of classes, 7 days a week, for all levels.

All classes are lead by Yoga Alliance certified instructors.

Drop-in: $14

New Students: 5 classes for $30

Monthly Unlimited: $95

RYT 200 Teacher Training

Beginning April 14

WEEKENDS ONLY – Laying the Foundation for an empowered practice and teaching of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for Westerners since 1989!

This modified schedule is for those of you who have been dreaming of taking teacher training and need to accommodate a busy schedule.  The Purpose of the IYI 200 Hr. Program is to be supportive, so that you can learn and integrate the main ingredients of the It’s Yoga System of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga,  in order  to have the confidence, independence and freedom to share the practice in your community…

Dates and times will be very flexible to accommodate your needs.


A month ago I couldn’t touch my toes, now I’m standing on my head!  Every practice I’m pleasantly surprised at my growth and progress.

Jennifer Gallagher

“Is this for me?”

The answer is Yes! The routines are created to be practiced in a group setting, attending to practitioners individual needs.This is achieved by modifying the postures as needed, and still be part of a safe and effective sequence in a group atmosphere. Your body is unique to You. As facilitators, we learn how to offer these teachings by observing and working with You. For an in-depth engagement with your practice, private classes are also a great idea – we love to work in small groups, with individuals and couples to customize routines for in studio/at home practicing.   Call us to learn more +1 419.377.2841

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