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Congratulations on taking the first step on the journey to absolute health and wellness.

"The Rocket Gets You There Faster!" We guarantee you will see results in just 90 days of practicing in the It's Yoga System.

Rocket Yoga was created by Larry Schultz in San Francisco.  Larry was the teacher for the rock band the Grateful Dead, and while he was on tour with them, he took all his favorite poses from the classical practice of Ashtanga Yoga and fashioned them to suit his western practitioners.  The result, was a safe and effective system that created results.  
Larry Schultz (1951-2011) is the Founder of It's Yoga and the Creator of the Rocket Routines.  He practiced and taught yoga for over 30 Years and directly passed on the It's Yoga Brand to his primary student, Marie Russel, who founded It's Yoga International after his passing in 2011. 

It's Yoga International is an organization whose sole purpose is to expand the It's Yoga Philosophy in the World.  We have over 15 Affiliate Studios around the world, and many more locations that host the It's Yoga Teacher Training Programs. 

We are honored to have the lineage of Krishnamacharya, Pattabhi Jois, and Larry Schultz so rooted in our Toledo Community. 

It's Yoga System: We know you are new to It's Yoga! It's a new studio and we are ready and willing to teach to who is in the room. Join us! Many people hesitate and say, "is this class for me? " we say yes! Join us, every class is the right class for you! Our philosophy is that all levels practice in the same room adding dimension and fun to each class experience. Come and be inspired to move in a way that you never thought possible! 

Scheduling: Be prepared to move and breathe in all classes!  We want you to come to classes that work in your schedule. The It's Yoga System is based on routines shifting the focus from "who is teaching" to "what routine is it today?"  The Rocket sequences are balanced and safe and effective for all levels.  A Rocket 1 is not more difficult than a Rocket 3, they are just different routines! Try them all and see why people around the world are becoming "Rocketheads." 


It’s Yoga Toledo features the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method of Yoga. We are part of the It’s Yoga International Community of Schools ranging from San Francisco to Florence, Italy.

It’s Yoga studios offer the world-renowned Rocket Routines designed by Larry Schultz.

This dynamic, aerobic, breathing meditation is designed to awaken the feeling body, and quiet the thinking mind. With routines for all levels, the It’s Yoga® System is progressive, fun, and approachable.

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